I have always wanted to work in fashion, but simultaneously be active in the world, making a difference. Torn between the paths of wanting both to be hunkered down over a sewing machine and to be active in changing the world around me, I finally feel that it is possible to do both.

While women have a tumultuous relationship with conceptions of “beauty” (we’re never the right shape, height, complexion, size, ethnicity, weight, bra size, etc., and we never seem to have the correct acceptable combination of skills, smarts, and social habits), real beauty, in its purest form, doesn’t involve any of those things. They can help us fall into the correct social category in any given decade, sure. I’m not belittling the power having the “correct” combination can have. However, meaningful beauty is that which fiercely protects the weakest. It fights for the marginalized, applauds the victories of others, and protects us from the reductionist ideas of what makes women acceptable.

The Love is meant to be a place where my multilayered interests in social issues, the environment, and in simply creating things could all come together in a mish-mashed way that felt natural to me.