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Truvelle Bridal’s 2017 Launch

I was lucky enough to get to Truvelle’s event last night, where they launched their 2017 line of ethereally effortless gowns.  While the owner and founder of Truvelle, Gaby Bayona, has been in love with wedding couture from her childhood days (stemming from watching her wedding-seamstress mother constantly handle beautiful garments), it has only been since 2014 that Truvelle began to take shape.  23 year-old Gaby confessed to us all that it had been her dream to launch a wedding dress atelier, which she set about to establish at the ripe old age of 20.  Many thanks, of course, to mom – a sentiment most of us can reiterate.

The beauty of Truvelle (and its newly debuted branch, Laudae) is of course in the craftsmanship.  Or craftwomanship, more appropriately.  Not only is each gown handmade in their bright and airy space in Vancouver’s Gastown, but each pattern is also made from scratch – unique, and as eco-friendly as possible.  Their use of cottons, silks, and linens reminded me that natural fibres don’t have to bring to mind a hippy-esque burlap sack, but are ultimately the most exquisite and romantic fabrics in both look and feel.

You can find them here:



Truvelle Photography credited to: Blush Wedding Photography – you can find them here:

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