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Eco Fashion Week 2016 – Ethik

It’s not often that after I see something I have to immediately figure out how to get it. I try to keep my fashion purchasing fairly deliberate, practical, and cohesive with what I already own. Plus, I’m petrified of spending too much money on a whim.

However, after Ethik’s bags swung lazily down the catwalk, the vibrant colours and geometric prints reminding me that summer was almost nigh, I had to figure out how to get my hands on a particular bright pink clutch. Unfortunately for me, an eccentrically dressed woman adorned with numerous brightly coloured baubles seemed to have the same idea – somehow my bag went home with her.

Ethik is a Montreal-based boutique that consists of a collective of locally and globally based designers, all whom are involved in eco-design in one form or another. It is also partnered with FEM International, an organization focused on entrepreneurship among women across the globe, focusing on fashion. Ethik’s goal is to foster eco-conscious and socially responsible designers – something we all can support.

Photos by Peter Jensen







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Sarah Perkonig

Sarah is a person who loves to find things that love the Earth and the creatures on it back - it is possible to have beautiful things that help us all.

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